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t home, seize the opportunity to apply for an enticing 25% partial premium refund for Mortgage insurance refunds. As energy efficiency standards evolve, so does the criteria for Eco Plus, introducing more certifications and aligning seamlessly with Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide rating system. Stay tuned for ongoing improvements that cater to the dynamic landscape of energy efficiency standards.

Aligned with global sustainability efforts, Eco Plus provides tangible financial benefits for Mortgage insurance refunds, while encouraging greener living spaces. To find more on mortgage please click here.

Am I Eligible?

CMHC is rolling out new eligibility criteria for the Mortgage insurance refunds based on Eco Plus program, introducing an expanded list of energy efficiency certifications. This update also includes a shift in energy efficiency targets, factoring in both total Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions. With Canadian building codes advancing toward net-zero ready standards, and energy efficiency building standards evolving, periodic adjustments to eligibility criteria may occur. Please click here to find eligible certificates. Please click here to find more  on eligible certificate.

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Certification:

Properties that secure an eligible certificate in this category boast tonnes/year GHG ratings within the top 15% of the housing stock, showcasing the lowest GHG emissions rating. This underscores CMHC’s commitment to rewarding properties significantly contributing to reducing overall GHG emissions in the housing sector. 

Energy Consumption Certification:

Homes eligible for this certificate exhibit tonnes/year Energy Consumption ratings, with a gigajoules/year rating at least 20% lower than that of “A Typical New House.” This highlights CMHC’s.

How to Apply:

Securing the CMHC Eco Plus 25% partial premium refund is a seamless process.

Follow these steps:

CMHC Insurance Verification: Confirm your property’s CMHC insurance.

Energy Efficiency Confirmation: Ensure your home aligns with CMHC’s energy-efficient standards.

Visit CMHC Eco Plus Page: Access the official page for program details.

Download and Complete Application: Accurately fill out the application form from the CMHC website.

Compile Documentation: Gather necessary supporting documents.

Submit Application: Send your completed application and supporting documents to the designated CMHC address.

Await Confirmation: Upon submission, await confirmation regarding your 25% partial premium refund approval.

Need Assistance with Assessments?

If you need help with assessments for energy-efficient upgrades, we’re here for you! Our team provides comprehensive assessments, personalized recommendations, expert guidance, and prompt support throughout the process.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an assessment. Let’s work together to make your home more energy-efficient and save on mortgage insurance costs!


CMHC Eco Plus opens doors to significant savings for CMHC-insured homeowners committed to energy efficiency. Follow the straightforward application process and consider eligible ECO certificates to unlock a 25% partial premium refund, making your journey toward an energy-efficient home both financially savvy and environmentally conscious.

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